A Better Way of Being Masculine

I’ve always been self-conscious about the volume of my ejaculations. It’s difficult to even admit that it’s a concern of mine to a bunch of Internet strangers but here I am, laying out a core issue that exists within my psychology. That’s how I discovered Semenax pills – the volume producing pill which helps a man achieve the appropriate amount of ejaculate that he feels suits him. I don’t know if it’s entirely healthy for me to define myself by such a thing but how can it be helped in a society that is so intensely sex driven?

There exists an unspoken masculine pressure from men upon other men; we are all in some contest with one another even if we never speak of it. We are all trying to be the most capable of men that a man can be..whatever that means. It’s ridiculous that we associate so much of our identity to sex. What does it mean to please a partner? What does it mean to be capable of sexual fortitude? All of my partners have desired different things from me and what they thought of as pleasure seemed to vary from woman to woman. So how can I expect myself to meet some unknowable standards?

What is known that it’s unhealthy to continue on with this. If the volume pills do help me then perhaps I can find a better way of enhancing my ego and have it less dependent upon sex. It’s not an easy thing for any guy to admit and it’s clearly an integral part of our psychology. We’re driven to find partners and to spread our genes. It’s going to be difficult to disassociate myself from identifying myself through my sexual capability but I think once I can recognize that this is a near impossible feat, I’ll be able to realize that I am more than just that single facet.

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