Finding Home in an Unexpected Place

I used to live up in Laurel. That is where I met my wife. We were looking at houses in the surrounding area. A daily commute of 10 or 20 miles is not a big deal with our workplace being right off of Route 59. While looking for homes close to where we work, we found apartments in Hattiesburg MS that were really nice. We were not even considering getting an apartment because we have a dog that is family to us. She is like our little girl. Hattiesburg is mostly in Forrest County and part of it goes into Lamar County Mississippi. I was really surprised to find the apartments they have there called Breckenridge that also has a lake and allows dogs.

It is really a nice setup. There is the lake, a clubhouse, a large swimming pool and they even have a theater to use. We toured a couple of the available apartments on a whim. Our dog was with us, and she went into the apartments too. People stopped and said hi and petted our dog. She wagged her tail like crazy and was happy to meet new people. The residents we did see welcomed us. We were feeling pretty good about the place. We let our dog roam in the apartments we checked out. The first one was a one bedroom one bath place. It was really nice, but it felt a little small. We talked about having a room for our baby we were planning as well as a room for an office or for guests who would stay during the holidays.

The next apartment we looked at was a three bedroom unit with three bathrooms. It was really nice. The same appliances that were in the smaller one were here too. There was a refrigerator with icemaker, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal and even a washer and dryer! When our little dog went and curled up on the floor in the master bedroom right where the bed would go, we kind of knew this was home.

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