From Bulletin Board Services to the Development of the World Wide Web

How many email addresses do you have? Most people have one for work and at least one personal one. Others have junk email addresses they use when trying to get freebies and other things on the Internet. You want the freebie, but you do not want the spam coming into your regular email box. If you are like me, you check one email platform that every other email address forwards to. So, if you have a lot of email addresses, what is your oldest one? My mom still uses and MSN Hotmail sign in. That has been around since about 1995 or so. A lot of the people developing the Internet now were born around that time. Isn’t that crazy to think about?

I can remember before we had the Internet. Some local people would set up their computers to receive calls from others. They would get trunk lines installed at their homes with one phone number. They would have two or three incoming lines. If you called the number, it would ring in on the incoming lines. If one was in use, then the next one would ring in. They would connect those lines to modems installed in a computer. Running in the background was bulletin board software. People could connect and play games and message one another. It was fun. The more lines you had trunked, the more people could connect. We had one where one person could call in at a time, and it was still popular. As soon as one person got off the line, another was calling in.

Then the World Wide Web began to see more use in our area. We connected with a local Internet service provider that had hundreds of dial-up connections and access to that new thing, at the time, where you could type in those WWW addresses. Websites were made of text and simple graphics. They were quite cheesy looking based on today’s standards. It is amazing how far this has come in just a few years.

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