I Found Something Funny to Bring to the Party

My best friend was also my college roommate, and we have kept in touch for many years since we graduated from school. We also keep in touch with all the other guys we hung out with back then. We were all part of a fraternity, which means that we lived together, partied together and studied together. When my best friend said he got engaged, the rest of decided we will throw him a bachelor party and we thought it would be a hoot to buy gag gifts. One of the guys suggested I look at ball gags because my best friend talks so much. He was the big talker back in school, too. I was not sure at first which gift I would settle on, but I wanted to make the party a great night that we would all remember.

None of us are married yet. My buddy will be the first one to do so. His fiance is a great lady, and she has my full respect. She treats him well, and he does the same with her. She is kind and funny. All of us are happy for them both, and we’re not sorry that they are getting married. So, our big bachelor night is simply our way of having a last hurrah because we are all interested in being married to wonderful people one day, and we probably won’t have a lot of time to hang out in the future. But for now, we simply wanted a night to reminisce about the old days and have a lot of fun.

After visiting a variety of stores to look for the best funny gift to bring, I decided to go with the one that was suggested to me early on. I found one that is pastel pink and light blue, which makes it even funnier. It will be a lot of fun to see what everyone else decided to purchase and bring to the big night, too.

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