I’m Not Cut out for the City

I grew up in North Carolina, so it was a huge culture shock to me when I moved to New York City for a job. While I appreciated the opportunity, I never felt comfortable there. I felt so out of place, and I never felt safe. I knew that I would not last long there, which is why I was happy when a teaching position opened up in Asheville. I applied and was hired almost immediately, and I started looking at Asheville apartments for rent the same day I got the good news.

I knew that after living in New York City for two years, I could put up with just about anything in North Carolina. I was not ready to settle like that though. I wanted to be able to see the mountains again. I wanted to look out my window and see the blue sky, the gorgeous mountains, and the trees rather than skyscrapers or ugly apartment buildings next door. When I saw Parkway Crossing, I knew that it was what I was hoping for. I loved looking at the pictures and seeing such a serene setting. I could see the mountains and trees in a lot of the pictures, and there were so many flowers too, right there on the property grounds.

I looked at the floor plans and amenities lists, already knowing it would not take much for me to choose this as my new home. I was happy when I saw that both the amenities and the floor plan were filled with more than I could imagine. I was able to fill out an application online, and I was given the dates that I could move in. It would allow me enough time to have my furniture and other possessions taken there, and still have a two week vacation before my new job starts!

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