Planning a Really Large Party

It is a long ways off, but me and about half a dozen other guys have started to work on planning a major bachelor party for one of my best friends. In fact he is rich by birth and he has a bunch of brothers and cousins who are also born into money. Right now we are looking at this place called Diamond Party Bus about getting a party bus for the night. If you go to their web page at then you can see what they have on offer and you find out that they have a range of sizes for their buses. The largest of them seem to go up to forty five passengers and the others are a little bit smaller. Of course the number of passengers really changes according to how much luxury the vehicle has installed with the furnishings. If you have more bells and whistles, that leaves less room to have people on board.

In fact this is going to be a lot bigger than that. It seems like there will be at least a few hundred people involved, around two hundred and thirty so far. A bunch of them have money on the table already and we are looking to rent a big place out where we can make as much noise as we want until the sun comes up. If you are going to do something like this, then you do not want to have to explain it all to the forces of law and order. No one wants to invite Dudley Doo RIght and the RCMP to this sort of party. You definitely do not want to try to jam this sort of party into a hotel room. That would really not work out too well for any of us.

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