Spent the Entire Weekend Watching Old Monster Movies

I sort of got hooked on this because of my Dad. He had a film projector and he collected old films which he kept in an old fridge down in the basement. Apparently they are going to last longer if you keep them cool, but all of these films are basically on borrowed time. In fact a lot of the classic TV shows never got the money from re runs because they were not made on real film. I found a couple of films on the Pirate Bay. I exhausted all of my options for obtaining them legally and then I went out and found them on the web by whatever means necessary. Of course one of these films was available for an incredibly inflated price. The guy who had it knew that he had a collectible film and he knew that he could ask something outrageous and there was someone out there who would hand over the cash. It was not going to be me, this is my hobby, but I like to eat and my car needs gas. I am not going to pay that sort of money for a movie, not when I can get twenty or so films if I work for the discount. In fact what he wanted was my entire monthly budget for this sort of thing. I usually try to look for the best deal. If I get lucky I might use only a part of the money I have budgetted and still get a lot of good films. The wife and kids were out of town this weekend, off to see her folks. So I had a lot of extra time and I spent it all catching up on my movie watching. I spent the entire weekend watching old monster movies I had piled up.

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